Les Busiciens is a sunny Belgian band which plays world music reminiscent of holidays: a mixture of balkan, ska, latin, reggae and intimate waltzes. Every year, they tour through Europe in their little bus (hence the “Busicians”). In 2012 they toured in Congo and in 2013 in China.


Their compositions, inspired by travelling, are recorded on their cds "A la Belle Etoile" (2008) and "Fou a la Folie" (2011).



The members of the band are Jonas Malfliet on drums, Joachim Gys on accordion, Vitja Pauwels on guitar, Tine Allegaert on trumpet, Joachim Thys on saxophone and Lara Rosseel on double bass.


Les Busiciens are recognized by the Belgian government as “New Talent”. In 2013, they received the special jury price on the Haizetara festival in Spain.